Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our list of frequently asked questions below to assist you with your possible purchase.

Facebook Questions

Are these likes targeted?

Our Facebook likes are highly targeted as we provide it from the users of different countries. We will mainly promote your page to an English speaking people.

Are these real Facebook likes?

Yes. All of these likes are 100% real. Because we provide these likes from the human users. We never use illegal techniques.

Is these safe for social networks?

As we will provide you real likes in the white hat method, these likes are totally safe to use on social networks.


Twitter Questions

Do you need password?

No. We need only your URL of your Twitter page which you want to promote.

Does my account risk suspension?

There is no risk of your account while we maintain the guidance of Twitter. As a result, we have not faced any problem yet.

How many Twitter followers can I get per day?

You will get between 500-1000 Twitter followers per day until the completion.


Instagram Questions

Are these Instagram Followers guaranteed?

Yes, these followers will never drop from your profile. At the same time, it has risk-free to use on the profile.

What method would you use to obtain followers?

We use the white hat method to obtain followers. We strictly maintain the rules and regulations by Instagram.

When will I see the result?

After giving order us, you will see the result within 6 hours.


YouTube Questions

How much time will you take for my views to start?

After confirming the order, we take 6-8 hours to start for your views.

Is your YouTube service safe to use?

Yes. Our YouTube service is undoubtedly safe to use on your videos.

Will these views affect my Adsense campaigns?

No, these views never affect your Adsense campaigns.