Privacy Policy

This content completely belongs to website. This company keeps customers’ information very confidentially. We protect the maximum privacy of our customers. For the constructive reason, we may update it anytime. Now read it at a glance what you are going to get privacy.

1. Information we collect: We collect your information for identifying you. The information what you give will completely secure and safe to us. Sending information via the Internet is not totally secure and so if your information for any reason we are not liable for that. Keep in mind that we will give you best privacy as much as we can.

2. Information we put on your computer: We may place cookies or other similar code on your computer for your own advantages. Via cookies you can easily access to website features such as logins/repeat visits. You can also remove these cookies if you want.

3. Information we keep: We may retain the following information:

  • Details of your visit to our website
  • Your identity
  • Your form of payment

Don’t be worried we retain those only for the interest of providing our service to you effectively.

4. What we do with your information: We may use your information to send the information about our service. We use it in various analytics for the improvement of our website, our services or our products if it needs.

5. Changing your Information: If you change your information or your information changes, inform us immediately. If it happens, contact with as soon as possible. Then we will ensure you proper services. Otherwise, certain services will no longer available to you.

We are so trusted and reliable that we are not acquaintance with flashing information of our customers. The third party can never know information of our customers. So, stay tension-free about your privacy.