Terms of Service

Before purchasing service from BuyFastFans.com, you should read this agreement carefully. The company has some terms and conditions. You have to agree to our terms and conditions if you want to buy service from us. When you will buy service from BuyFastFans.com, it marks that you agree on these terms. Buy Fast Fans holds the entire right of changing any parts of the agreement. Regular customers of the website are bound to follow the modified terms and conditions agreement.

1. Website Use: BuyFastFans.com possesses full intellectual property rights to all contents, images and all visual elements on the website. No one can use any content of this website without taking permission from BuyFastFans.com.

2. Copyright: The content and website are protected by US and foreign laws. This belongs expressly BuyFastFans.com or any other copyrights owner who have given express authorization to use their information on the BuyFastFans.com website.

3. Limitations Liability: If you agree to the terms and conditions, you must indemnify or defend or hold BuyFastFans.com harmless for your any claim relating to your alleged breach of the terms and conditions agreement.

4. Confidential Information: BuyFastFans.com will not take responsibility when any third party gets your confidential information for your activities or carelessness. You can sure that BuyFastFans.com never share your information with anyone.

5. Money Back Guarantee: BuyFastFans.com offer a money back guarantee when it can not meet the need of customers. But if you disable your account and then reactivate it or change your username and create a new one, your followers will be gone that you can not replace it again without any cost. If it is found a dispute or chargeback against for any services, you will have your IP banned along with your page reported to the social media along will legal action and damages caused to our company. PayPal will always in our favor. So, do not make dispute to waste your valuable time rather contact us directly for your problem. We are online 24/7 hours to serve and help you.

6. Delivery Policy: Your order will be checked and moves onto ‘in progress’ by BuyFastFans.com when you fill up your payment. If there is any error with the order, your status will be set ‘error’ and you will receive an email of telling fix your error. We never make delay to provide service. For the technical or internet related problem we may take much time though it didn’t happen before.

7. Targeted Followers: As BuyFastFans.com do not give guaranty of 100% targeted followers or any other services. It may be 10-15% non-targeted from the total service. In this regards, you will not get refunds or any credits, the purchase is final.

8. Social Media Accounts: If your accounts or videos that are removed for our services of being implemented, BuyFastFans.com will not liable for this. However, we have not got any complaint from our customers yet.

This terms and conditions have been last updated on 21 November 2016.